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We can turn that old worn out mag into a good as new (If not better) unit.  All of our new parts are interchanchable with the old, even our rare earth roters can be used to give them a hotter spark.

The procedure is as follows:

First you will need to call us and get an RA number to put on the outside of your shipping box. This is so we can better track incoming packages & repairs.

You can call us at (973) 540-9171

We analyze your magneto, estimate cost of repairs, and contact you before proceeding.

NOTE: Due to a surge of magnetos from ‘ebay’ purchases not worth fixing, we now charge a $50.00 fee for analyzing any magneto sent in. This will not be included if you have us repair it, only if you don't.  In many cases, as an alternative, depending upon factors such as the shape and condition of your magneto, we are often able to allow a “core” discount should you opt for a new magneto.

Please note, 

We disassemble the magneto in order to inspect it.  The $50.00 charge does not include reassembly.  It will be returned "apart" unless other arrangements are made.


Or contact us via us our email: