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The Morris Magneto Story

Magnetos are one of the finest things you can have on your bike. They’re literally the ‘V-Twin’ of ignitions. Simple and efficient, high performance, and a look you can’t beat… but it took Morris to make them dependable!

Since 1970, the Morris Magneto goal has been making easy-starting and reliable magnetos for only motorcycles. Unlike the mags others offer, we think broken down and on a pickup truck is not an option. Today, we make magneto models that will out-start other ignitions, no battery required, or even with electric start bikes. All ours can retard for starting… ‘kick-backs’ and spits become starts. Only from Morris Magneto

And we don't stop there...

With access to original F-M blueprints, not left ‘guessing’ at specs like others, we are able to design and build prototypes using new technologies and rare-earth magnets to insure you get unequaled quality products. We build bullet-proof rotors, the heart of a magneto. Our CNC billet housings are unmatched for strength and accuracy. We offer the only impulse start motorcycle mags available.

But we’re Old School too, we’d be glad to discuss with you what model and options are best for your bike. Draw from our many years of experience with motorcycles. Bikes are about freedom, your very own “escape pod”. Solar flares, EMPs, and electrical meltdowns be damned, your Morris Magneto will keep your engine truckin’ on down the road.

Simple - Powerful - Clean - Reliable

Many of the AMD World Championship winners sport Morris Mags, guys from Canada, Sweden, Japan… We’ve designed and built one-offs for many of the world’s top custom builders, Nobody backs their products better than us.