MRA Instructions


This product will make starting easier on fixed-timing (non-moving) magnetos, by aiding in preventing kick-backs and backfires. Use p/n MRA’R if cam turns clockwise (most common), or MRA’G if counter-clockwise rotation. Points p/n’s are P5-R or P5-G respectively.

Remove original points, replace with supplied set, install brass eccentric shaft. With cam follower set atop cam lobe, turn shaft; note that the points gap changes. Stop when gap is largest, set points to .020 inch (0.5 mm). Install new gasket and cap, with o-ring(s) fitted to shaft, so that o-ring(s): a) seal to cap; b) hold follower block from floating up. Start with 1 large o-ring. By pushing down on cap with a few pounds pressure, you should see o-ring and gasket just contact at about the same time. Since dimensions vary, you may need to change to 1 small for less, or 2 small for more o-ring pressure. Re-install cap and gasket, while shifting cap so shaft does not rub. Making sure that coil springs are in place, tighten screws hand-tight. Screws will need an additional ‘ – ‘ turn more tightening.

Next, install lever with set screw against flat, magnet facing down, and adjust height so that tip of magnet contacts side of cap screw. Magnet will help keep lever in advanced position. Operate lever; if o-ring(s) are too tight, they may squish out of place, and lever will spring back rather than ‘stick’ to the cap screw. Use loctite on set screw, make sure it is seated square to flat. We recommend removing lever when removing cap. For full retard, flip lever all the way to side of cap. This will retard your engine 20 degrees for starting.     Patent Pending