We are a full service restoration facility.



Via UPS shipping, we can do restoration and recharging of your tired magneto.

The procedure is as follows:

First you will need to call us and get an RA number to put on the outside of your shipping box. This is so we can better track incoming packages & repairs.

You can call us at (973) 540-9171

We analyze your magneto, estimate cost of repairs, and contact you before proceeding.

NOTE: We now charge a fee for analyzing magnetos sent in. Due to a surge of magnetos from ‘ebay’ purchases not worth fixing, customer simply has us return the unit, and gets a refund from seller; this costs us time and money. In many cases, as an alternative, depending upon factors such as the shape and condition of your magneto, we are often able to allow a “core” discount should you opt for a new magneto.

Or contact us via us our email:




“Morris fixed my mag right up!”

restored XLCH stocker 2